Creation open space "act land"  sozohirobaakutorando

Throb Wonderland Ryoma Museum of History

Art, culture, technical general theme park

We set initial of Art (art), Culture (culture), Technology (technically) beside act (ACT) of "act land", and got close to art and raised culture and were established the cause of thought to develop technology. In facility, "money of picture group art gallery" which displayed work of money of genius illustrator, painting and others of waxwork "Ryoma Museum of History" of Ryoma Sakamoto and Tosa adds to eight pavilions such as "Museum of Classic Cars from Around the World" which technique at the car dawn is seen in and adds free of charge area with rare playground equipment. We will play exhaustively between the sky filled with charm to bring up rich sensitivity and originality.
"Kochi: Land of Spirit Bakumatsu revolution Expo" area venue.

The location
〒781-5233 928-1, Noichichootani, Kounan-shi
Establishment time
From 10:00 to 18:00 (as for the last order of admission ticketing, eating and drinking until 17:30)
Single hall ticket:
(Ryoma Museum of History) 800 yen lower than adult 1,500 yen, high school student
(each hall of others 7 building) 500 yen lower than adult 1,000 yen, high school student
1-day passport: 2,500 yen lower than adult 5,000 yen, high school student
※In addition, there is coupon, group discount.
※Admission and entrance to own play space are free.
Without holiday
Parking lot
Free of charge
285 normal cars
It is approximately ten minutes from southern country IC, Kochi Ryoma Airport
Getting off at Tosa Kuroshio Current railroad Noichi Station, approximately 10 minutes on foot
Creation open space "act land"
Telephone: 0887-56-1501
Homepage URL
Barrier-free facilities
Slope Wheelchair elevator Elevator for person with a disability Western style stool device with handrail Restroom for person with a disability Crib Diaper exchange sheet Nursing room Wheelchair rental AED Rest station Various notebook discount

Tourist facility

It is targeted for stamp sealing: Paid admission: One stamp

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Ryoma passport privilege
Blue Red Bronze Silver Gold
One original goods are presented by person of admission Two original goods are presented by person of admission

"Kochi: Land of Spirit Bakumatsu revolution Expo" official homepage is this

Entrance signboard Picture gold group art gallery World model car Museum Museum of Classic Cars from Around the World Pond of art Knee Oahu re-perception gallery
※We are maintaining map indication now
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