Misora Hibari Poem-Inscribed Monument and Portrait  misorahibariieihi, kahi

There is deadee monument, monument inscribed with a tanka poem of late Hibari Misora next to the The Largest Cedar Tree of Them All. This deadee monument, monument inscribed with a tanka poem got full-scale cooperation of many people concerned such as fan and production, recordmaker as place of Hibari Misora connection in May, 1993 and was erected. Three pieces of "Ryoma vestiges" "sad whistle" play like "flow of river" with button switch from deadee monument.

The location
〒789-0311 Sugi, Otoyo-cho, Otoyo-cho, Nagaoka-gun (garden of Osugi)
Parking lot
Free of charge
25 normal cars, trailer bus three
From Kochi Expressway Otoyo IC, it is five minutes by car
Getting off at JR Dosan Line Osugi Station, a 20-minute walk
Getting off at Kochi Prefecture traffic bus Osugi starting point, a 5-minute walk
Otoyo-cho project promotion room
Telephone: 0887-72-0450
Fax: 0887-72-0474
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